Blue into the Light


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Moving into the light. Melancholy, angst, fear, blue feelings, paranoid musings and unsure starts have plagued my past week; today I am stripped bare, ready for next – next step, start, I can’t quite articulate it but I feel it and Im going with it. Inside I’m still Blue like Billie…B7aOU2iIMAAF1Y6.jpg-large However, I know for sure right now that the Soul will always do what it needs to do…TE5458.1Being overwhelmed is sobering. Midnight Musings…


The ART Of Self Compassion


Top tips for learning the art of self-compassion:

Make an effort to become conscious of the self-criticisms that form part of your daily narrative. Acknowledge them with an ‘ouch’, and have a go at apologising to yourself.

Try being your own personal cheerleader. When you’re struggling with something imagine a mini-cheerleader in your mind jumping up and down telling you you’re amazing, reminding you how far you’ve already come, urging you past the finish line. YOU CAN DO IT. It might feel silly at first, but trust me; the cheerleader makes almost anything possible.

Give the younger you a virtual hug. Give yesterday’s you a virtual hug. Give TODAY’S you a virtual hug.

Talk to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend. You can be firm, but remember to be loving. Cut yourself some slack!

Practice forgiving yourself. Say it out loud. Life is a journey; we’re all still learning.

Pay yourself at least one compliment every day. Celebrate the things you do brilliantly (there are things you do brilliantly, I promise).

About the Author: Joanna Josefina Thomas is a life and executive coach with a passion for language and creativity. She is a writer, blogger, performance poet, freelance fiction editor, and leads creative writing workshops for all levels. She is a staunch advocate for kindness and compassion, especially when it comes to how we treat ourselves.
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Drama & Change

I am currently trying very hard to look after myself. Its been a tough few months, this week also began somewhat shakily. Change is my Mantra, I am ready to embrace life wholeheartedly and keep my mind brimming with positive thoughts. Feeling positive is a liberation as is having an outstanding support system you can utilize without feeling ANY GUILT whatsoever. Love does NOT Judge; its a great thing starting over. I just remind myself how powerful my Mind is, I am in control and I must remember that DAILY…



My Mantra on a Sunny Day…


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I am at my desk with the Sun streaming in through the window, its so beautiful today in London.


Conjures up DayDreams and Memories of Al Fresco lunches and evenings spent conversing in the Park. A thought just came to mind as I muse on how beautiful life can be; ‘Stop Wishing and DO’…


Today I am a different person…


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PROUDCompared to the person I was last year, or to be honest even 2 weeks ago I am so damn proud of where I am today…

CANSproud end

May sound crazy but its been a long-time coming and who knows? It may not last,but right now, this minute, here today I am feeling so amazingly proud of myself…

nothing goes right

What is behind YOUR name?


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I was thinking a lot about names today. Mainly because it has taken me a long,long time to truly appreciate my name. When I was born in the 1980’s the name ‘Nicola’ was very cool and common – therefore, I was never the only Nicola in my class!!


I would do anything to stop people calling me ‘Nicola’ – I would demand and insist on abbreviations to help me like my name better; I have been ‘Nicci’, ‘Nikki‘, ‘Nics’ and even ‘Nicole’ when I wanted to feel slightly exotic. I just never, ever felt that my name suited me – although my Mum is adamant that when I was born, even though she had decided to call me Tania, I looked just like a ‘Nicola’!

Well, Mum may just have been right about that because ‘Nicola’ derives from Feminine Latin/Greek and literally translates as ‘People’s Victory’. Also, see below for evidence of this, Nicola’s have ‘a deep desire to understand and analyse the world they live in’ >> YES! Mum was right, I am most definitely a Nicola…


I must say, now I am finally growing into my name and every step I take towards rebuilding my confidence and self-esteem will ensure I cherish it.

Would love to know if your name has a backstory too…



Inspirational Women


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This post on Inspirational Women may become a common theme for my blog, but I felt it would be fitting to start the list off with an amazing woman who continues to inspire me daily… My Sister, Kimberley.

Kim is an amazing woman and Sister, she always has my back. Kim inspires me to be a better person through the way she lives her life. She challenges me to be the best I can be and continues to have faith in me, even when all the walls around me are crashing down.

My Sister. My Best Friend. My Feminist Soul Searcher. My Inspiration. My Hero…


Twitter & Cara Hoffman

OMG! << I do hate that phrase but it is so apt in this instance. I just finished reading an amazingly powerful book by Cara Hoffman ‘Be Safe I Love You’. If you have not read it yet, I urge you to read it. The way Hoffman tackles the moving experience of a Female Soldier returning from Iraq just blew me away.

Anyway, I decided to take to Twitter and let Ms Hoffman know how much I LOVED the novel; and here’s to the power of Twitter, she replied to my Tweet!! I just love that Twitter does that for you, I have tweeted a number of my favourite authors in the past after reading their work and it is such a fantastic (and simple) platform for engaging and having a conversation with those who seem so out of reach. Well, I am one happy lady today!! See our Twitter conversation below:


Check out the Guardian review of Cara Hoffman’s Be Safe I Love You below: